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Change #20684

Category None
Changed by Riccardo Spagni <ricohnoyoudont@spagni.net>
Changed at Fri 14 Jun 2019 14:19:45
Repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git
Branch master
Revision 1d5e8f461de0a04891e5e18b0f50e9cf2cf534e1


Merge pull request #5639
2eef90d6 rpc: restrict the recent cutoff size in restricted RPC mode (moneromooo-monero)
0564da5f ensure no NULL is passed to memcpy (moneromooo-monero)
bc09766b abstract_tcp_server2: improve DoS resistance (moneromooo-monero)
1387549e serialization: check stream good flag at the end (moneromooo-monero)
a00cabd4 tree-hash: allocate variable memory on heap, not stack (moneromooo-monero)
f2152192 cryptonote: throw on tx hash calculation error (moneromooo-monero)
db2b9fba serialization: fail on read_varint error (moneromooo-monero)
68ad5481 cryptonote_protocol: fix another potential P2P DoS (moneromooo-monero)
1cc61018 cryptonote_protocol: expand basic DoS protection (moneromooo-monero)
8f66b705 cryptonote_protocol_handler: prevent potential DoS (anonimal)
39169ace epee: basic sanity check on allocation size from untrusted source (moneromooo-monero)

Changed files