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Builder monero-tests-windows-10-i686 Build #4


Retry exception slave lost


Got Revision0b93dd39dbad9f29af6ea9f5800ced17b7c60ec9
Build of most recent revision




A build was forced by 'pigeons <[email protected]>': force build

Steps and Logfiles:

  1. git update ( 18 secs )
    1. stdio
  2. compile compile warnings ( 20 mins, 15 secs )
    1. stdio
    2. warnings (8)
  3. test test exception slave lost ( 1 hrs, 14 mins, 40 secs )
    1. stdio
    2. LastTest.log
    3. CTestCostData.txt
    4. interrupt

Build Properties:

branch Build
builddir C:\msys32\home\buildbot\slave\monero-tests-windows-10-i686 slave
buildername monero-tests-windows-10-i686 Builder
buildnumber 4 Build
codebase Build
github_repo_name monero Builder
github_repo_owner monero-project Builder
got_revision 0b93dd39dbad9f29af6ea9f5800ced17b7c60ec9 Git
owners ['pigeons <[email protected]>'] A build was forced by 'pigeons <[email protected]>': force build
project Build
repository Build
revision Build
scheduler force Scheduler
slavename win32 BuildSlave
warnings-count 8 WarningCountingShellCommand
workdir C:\msys32\home\buildbot\slave\monero-tests-windows-10-i686 slave (deprecated)

Forced Build Properties:

owner pigeons <[email protected]>
reason force build

Responsible Users:

no responsible users


StartFri Oct 21 01:56:31 2016
EndFri Oct 21 03:31:46 2016
Elapsed1 hrs, 35 mins, 14 secs