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Builder monero-tests-osx-10.11 Build #7


Failed test debug


Got Revision1372f255af12564d41d8a9bbe247ce7b0fda78be
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  2. test test failed ( 4 secs )
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Build Properties:

branch master Build
builddir /Users/buildbot/slave/monero-tests-osx-10_11 slave
buildername monero-tests-osx-10.11 Builder
buildnumber 7 Build
codebase Build
github_repo_name monero Builder
github_repo_owner monero-project Builder
got_revision 1372f255af12564d41d8a9bbe247ce7b0fda78be Git
project Build
repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git Build
revision 1372f255af12564d41d8a9bbe247ce7b0fda78be Build
scheduler Tests Scheduler
slavename osx-10.11 BuildSlave
warnings-count 1 WarningCountingShellCommand
workdir /Users/buildbot/slave/monero-tests-osx-10_11 slave (deprecated)

Forced Build Properties:


Responsible Users:

  1. Riccardo Spagni
  2. moneromooo-monero


StartSun Nov 6 05:00:01 2016
EndSun Nov 6 05:00:10 2016
Elapsed9 secs

All Changes:


  1. Change #891

    Category None
    Changed by moneromooo-monero <moneromooo-moneroohnoyoudont@users.noreply.github.com>
    Changed at Wed 02 Nov 2016 23:11:30
    Repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git
    Branch master
    Revision b5d6faada3d5604214de436a9acbb1687ca35587


    wallet: fix bad amounts/fees again
    m_amount_out was sometimes getting initialized with the sum of
    an transaction's outputs, and sometimes with the sum of outputs
    that were not change. This caused confusion and bugs. We now
    always set it to the sum of outputs. This reverts an earlier
    fix for bad amounts as this used the other semantics. The wallet
    data should be converted automatically in a percentage of cases
    that I'm hesitant to estimate. In any case, restoring from seed
    or keys or rebuilding the cache will get it right.

    Changed files

    • src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp
    • src/wallet/api/transaction_history.cpp
    • src/wallet/wallet2.cpp
    • src/wallet/wallet2.h
  2. Change #892

    Category None
    Changed by Riccardo Spagni <ricohnoyoudont@spagni.net>
    Changed at Sat 05 Nov 2016 08:28:25
    Repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git
    Branch master
    Revision 1372f255af12564d41d8a9bbe247ce7b0fda78be


    Merge pull request #1295
    b5d6faa wallet: fix bad amounts/fees again (moneromooo-monero)

    Changed files

    • no files