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The SingleBranchScheduler scheduler named 'monero PR builder' triggered this build

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Build Properties:

branch master Build
builddir C:\msys32\home\buildbot\slave\monero-static-win32 slave
buildername monero-static-win32 Builder
buildnumber 7898 Build
codebase Build
github_repo_name monero Builder
github_repo_owner monero-project Builder
platform win32 BuildSlave
project Build
repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git Build
revision bf525793c724f62d4716aaca59345ba2e13a2c3c Build
scheduler monero PR builder Scheduler
slavename win32 BuildSlave
workdir C:\msys32\home\buildbot\slave\monero-static-win32 slave (deprecated)

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Responsible Users:

  1. luigi1111
  2. moneromooo-monero


StartTue Oct 8 21:01:07 2019
EndTue Oct 8 21:01:07 2019
Elapsed0 secs

All Changes:


  1. Change #22077

    Category None
    Changed by moneromooo-monero <moneromooo-moneroohnoyoudont@users.noreply.github.com>
    Changed at Fri 27 Sep 2019 00:10:37
    Repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git
    Branch master
    Revision 8330e772f1ed680a54833d25c4d17d09a99ab8d6


    monerod can now sync from pruned blocks
    If the peer (whether pruned or not itself) supports sending pruned blocks
    to syncing nodes, the pruned version will be sent along with the hash
    of the pruned data and the block weight. The original tx hashes can be
    reconstructed from the pruned txes and theur prunable data hash. Those
    hashes and the block weights are hashes and checked against the set of
    precompiled hashes, ensuring the data we received is the original data.
    It is currently not possible to use this system when not using the set
    of precompiled hashes, since block weights can not otherwise be checked
    for validity.
    This is off by default for now, and is enabled by --sync-pruned-blocks

    Changed files

    • src/blockchain_db/blockchain_db.h
    • src/blockchain_db/lmdb/db_lmdb.cpp
    • src/blockchain_utilities/blockchain_import.cpp
    • src/blockchain_utilities/blocksdat_file.cpp
    • src/blockchain_utilities/blocksdat_file.h
    • src/blocks/checkpoints.dat
    • src/cryptonote_basic/connection_context.h
    • src/cryptonote_basic/cryptonote_basic.h
    • src/cryptonote_basic/cryptonote_format_utils.cpp
    • src/cryptonote_config.h
    • src/cryptonote_core/blockchain.cpp
    • src/cryptonote_core/blockchain.h
    • src/cryptonote_core/cryptonote_core.cpp
    • src/cryptonote_core/cryptonote_core.h
    • src/cryptonote_core/tx_pool.cpp
    • src/cryptonote_core/tx_pool.h
    • src/cryptonote_protocol/block_queue.cpp
    • src/cryptonote_protocol/block_queue.h
    • src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_defs.h
    • src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.h
    • src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl
    • src/rpc/core_rpc_server.cpp
    • src/rpc/daemon_handler.cpp
    • src/serialization/json_object.cpp
    • src/serialization/json_object.h
    • src/wallet/wallet2.cpp
    • tests/core_proxy/core_proxy.cpp
    • tests/core_proxy/core_proxy.h
    • tests/core_tests/chaingen.h
    • tests/unit_tests/ban.cpp
  2. Change #22078

    Category None
    Changed by luigi1111 <luigi1111wohnoyoudont@gmail.com>
    Changed at Tue 08 Oct 2019 20:55:03
    Repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git
    Branch master
    Revision bf525793c724f62d4716aaca59345ba2e13a2c3c


    Merge pull request #5915
    8330e77 monerod can now sync from pruned blocks (moneromooo-monero)

    Changed files

    • no files