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Builder monero-linux-armv7 Build #2882


Build successful


Got Revisionf42263ebb6d1ed1c7ece388e1a06695108468320
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The SingleBranchScheduler scheduler named 'monero PR builder' triggered this build

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Build Properties:

branch master Build
builddir /home/buildbot/slave/monero-linux-armv7 slave
buildername monero-linux-armv7 Builder
buildnumber 2882 Build
codebase Build
github_repo_name monero Builder
github_repo_owner monero-project Builder
got_revision f42263ebb6d1ed1c7ece388e1a06695108468320 Git
platform linux-armv7 BuildSlave
project Build
repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git Build
revision f42263ebb6d1ed1c7ece388e1a06695108468320 Build
scheduler monero PR builder Scheduler
slavename arm7 BuildSlave
warnings-count 2 WarningCountingShellCommand
workdir /home/buildbot/slave/monero-linux-armv7 slave (deprecated)

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Responsible Users:

  1. Dusan Klinec


StartTue Mar 19 08:56:28 2019
EndTue Mar 19 09:21:00 2019
Elapsed24 mins, 31 secs

All Changes:


  1. Change #19045

    Category None
    Changed by Dusan Klinec <dusan.klinecohnoyoudont@gmail.com>
    Changed at Fri 15 Mar 2019 11:55:29
    Repository https://github.com/monero-project/monero.git
    Branch master
    Revision f42263ebb6d1ed1c7ece388e1a06695108468320


    wallet: adds rescan_bc option with preserving key images
    - enables to perform rescan_spent / ki sync with untrusted daemon. Spent check status involves RPC calls which require trusted daemon status as it leaks information. The new call performs soft reset while preserving key images thus a sequence: refresh, ki sync / import, rescan_bc keep_ki will correctly perform spent checking without need for trusted daemon.
    - useful to detect spent outputs with untrusted daemon on watch_only / multisig / hw-cold wallets after expensive key image sync.
    - cli: rescan_bc keep_ki

    Changed files

    • src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp
    • src/simplewallet/simplewallet.h
    • src/wallet/wallet2.cpp
    • src/wallet/wallet2.h